Rock of Eye Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

R3000,00 / case

Rock of Eye is a term long-used by tailors, who create beautiful garments by feel rather than precise measurement or method. The colour is deep opaque. The nose is expressive with a complex array of berry fruits and savoury notes. The combination of black and red current brings the wine to life with dark chocolate, cedar and fynbos aromas complement the fruit. The elegant palate shows the pepper spice with the mulberry and cherry fruits and finishes dry with a touch of juiciness. A full-bodied wine with complex layers of fruit, juicy tannin and a dry finish. As the maiden vintage, this wine is showing tight, dry tannin at this youthful stage and carries an element of excitemnt to see how the wine evolves with maturation.

R500 per bottle

Price per Case

6 x 750ml