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At the heart of Malherbe Family Wines lies a captivating narrative deeply rooted in the essence of kinship. Our brand draws its inspiration from the very fabric of our lives: family. In a world where meaningful bonds have become rare, we believe that our lives are interwoven through relationships, from parents to siblings, relatives to friends. It is these connections that empower us to craft the enchantment that fills each glass.

Our History

The lineage of wines within the Malherbe Family Wine range takes root in the Malherbe Family tree, an ancestral chronicle that stretches back to 1663. It’s a living testament to heritage, with the most recent addition to the legacy being born in 2013. Families, in all their forms, serve as catalysts for connection. Beyond rekindling familial ties, our wines become a conduit for new connections, kindled over shared appreciation for its nuanced flavors.

Within the Malherbe Family Wine range, we proudly present a collection of eight varietals, each bearing the Malherbe Family name. Crafted with dedication and passion, these wines embody the spirit of connection, inviting you to share moments and stories over every sip. From rich reds to elegant whites, our range promises a symphony of shared experiences.

Malherbe Family Wines – Love and Dedication

Raise a Glass to Our M Range

Cultivated in the heart of Stellenbosch in South Africa’s sun-dappled Western Cape, our wines have been made with love and dedication. The M Series boasts charmingly delicate and clean blends.

The White Blend

The White Blend is a very friendly and accessible wine with ample notes of lemon, green melon, citrus blossom, white pear, guava, freshly cut grass and ruby grapefruit. It’s a medium bodied wine with a refreshing acidity. The fine and creamy texture ensures an enduring finish.

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